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April 18th, 2007 | Posted in General

In the wee hours of the morning my web host exchanged the server that contains my website, blog and e-mail for a new, shiny high capacity version. I had no idea this was coming, and was surprised to find my site down and inaccessible this morning. This happens every once and a while, but it’s usually back up in a few minutes at most.

Nine hours and counting so far, but apparently only for me.

I can access every other site on my bookmarks list, but not my own. I also cannot download my e-mail. Friends I have called had a little trouble with the site earlier this morning but all see it fine now. Same story with the web host’s tech support people. Not me. I finally took my laptop to a local Starbucks to see if it was an issue with my ISP, and to gasp at how much they want me to pay for a cup of coffee. Since I have gotten my e-mail and can see my site here in the world of $4.00 lattes (plus solicitated tip), it’s obviously a problem with my service provider. Whenever you change physical servers, it takes some time for all the DNS list servers to update to the new location, and in the meantime they point to the old server that is now gone. That must be the problem.

It’s incredibly frustrating when you lose something you take for granted like your e-mail or access to your website and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I will just have to wait until my ISP’s DNS info catches up to the rest of the world. In the meantime this will be my big post for the day.

One doesn’t realize how much they are dependent on certain services and technologies until they are stripped of them. It’s a good thing I managed to finish up some pencils for an ad job that were due first thing this morning last night and e-mailed them out then, or I’d have been sitting at Starbucks much earlier and might have even broken down and paid for one of those mocha latte carmel macchiato’s…

UPDATE- I’m back on-line. Some DNS name server out there in cyberland finally updated and all is well.


  1. mosquito says:

    hello tom.
    did you get the mail with pictures if the server has changed?

  2. SteveH says:

    It really is a headache when these glitches happen, so I understand how you feel and starbucks makes it no better with the cost of coffee! But your site loads even faster here in London, so the change must have been worth it, now stop reading this and get back to your assignments young man!


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