Gary Fasen Documentary

October 11th, 2006 | Posted in General

On Sept. 23rd I wrote this post about the passing one year earlier of my friend and mentor, caricaturist and illustrator Gary Fasen.

A few weeks ago a fellow caricaturist and former Gary disciple Paul Roustan contacted me about a documentary he was putting together about Gary’s life and work. He had me tape some comments on Gary and send them to him for inclusion. Paul did a really outstanding job on the video, which features many of the artists Gary influenced personally and professionally. The documentary turned out great and he has uploaded it to YouTube. It’s 30 minutes, but will give anyone interested a small peek into Gary’s world and the impact he had on many a young caricature artist:

Google Video (higher quality video)


  1. mengblom says:

    Wow. What a great video. It really hit me how many lives Gary touched during his life. I feel lucky to have known him and to have worked with him. It wasn’t a long time, but it didn’t have to be for him to make a big impression on me.


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